About Summerland-
Summerland is a private property consisting of six acres, located in the lush native flora and fauna of Southwest Florida, and adjacent to protected wetlands and a nature preserve.

While still a residence, the owners work hard to keep the area natural and hold the belief that while you are here that all things are protected and respected.
“Tread lightly and leave no footprint when you have passed on.”

Upon request and application, the owners may grant access to those who wish to host benefits for the community, such as retreats, fundraisers, drumming nights, festivals, and even small weddings.

There are a few sacred spaces on the property that have been graciously set aside for those who wish to honor Mother Earth. There is a Medicine Wheel where those following the Red Road, Ravenhawk Mound and Circle for energy workings and ceremonies, and Skygazer Circle for looking up and enjoying the heavens. The Main Circle is where we host drum circles during the cooler months.  And our smallest sacred space is the Fairy Circle, so that we may honor those who delight the imagination and tickle our hearts with happiness.

We hope that you will consider joining us in one of our events or sponsored fundraisers.

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